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August 02, 2010

1 Day Sale in e-mart supermarket, Miri, Sarawak

Sunday morning, my Aunt Shirley received a SMS from 63001 and it stated that e-mart (a supermarket in Miri) will be having 1 day crazy sale on 1st of August. Without hesitating, my aunt and I went to e-mart. Before moving out, I've told myself that I'm expecting to see an ocean of people in e-mart supermarket.

Well, I hit the jackpot, every single corner I can see earthling!!! And I was lucky enough to get a parking though. Now, let the photos below do the talking.

Saw all the humans? Hmm, weird, it doesn't looks very crowded in the photos. Anyway, in my opinion, the scenes above stand a chance against the crowds during Jusco Member Sale, which I hate the most... No sweet time for me and myself. But what to do, crazy sale mah.

There were more crazy scenes on that day. Too bad, I did not capture it. You may see 1 trolley with 1 same item but in a large quantity. Get what I mean? You can see 100% of potato in a single trolley. You can also see 100% of rice in a single trolley. One of the craziest scene I saw was feeeew trolleys with cartons and cartons of Coca-cola and 100 Plus. I bet he's a businessman.

By the way, sorry for the low quality photos, I've used the "Sport Mode" with my Nokia N82 to capture the photos above. No time for me to use "Auto Focus" in this situation. ;)


  1. lol...i dun even know about the sale! D:

  2. LOL People go shopping you go take photo pulak =P

  3. @Eunice- I also don't know until my aunt received that SMS haha

    @Vin- Snap for fun bah XD

  4. wonder la if everytyme e-mart got 1 Days Sales inside the supermarket loks like semut cari makan..ehee...but now got Giant also at permyjaya..but i think e-mart is better then giant coz all item muraH, MuraH n Murah~!!!ehee