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July 14, 2010

My 2nd year 1st semester exam results

Ahh! Finally, my exam result has out! I've waited excitedly since 8pm for the result to come out, and again, it came out at 12am. Jeez. Tell you what, these Curtin fellows will always inform us that the exam result will come out on what day at what time (usually Wednesday 5pm), yet, it will come out earlier.

Since we already knew the pattern, why should we wait until that late? You tell me lah? LMAO! Ok, cut the crap, I guess you wanna know my exam results, don't you? Haiya, let me show you lah, I won't hide anything from you one! Open your eyes bigger and wider, OK?

OMFG, can you believe that?! Why all F?! You see lah what has happened... Haih, die lor..... How am I gonna inform my parents? How am I gonna face my friends? These are the consequences when I:
1. did not study hard,
2. did not study smart,
3. did not complete tutorial,
4. did not attend lectures,
5. did not do pass year,
6. did not do extra exercises,
7. did not tell the truth.

Point #7, did not tell the truth?! Hehe, you have been tricked, see the screen shot below ;)

Tada. Jeez, shame of myself for getting such results. It could be better if I put more effort. Nevermind lah, I appreciated what I've got and I deserved it. In general, I've gone through one of the toughest and busiest semester in my entire Mechanical Engineering course. According to reliable seniors, the next challenging semester will be 3rd year 2nd semester, it consists of 6 units with 6 finals. Gosh, sounds scary.

As for now, I don't want to think about that yet, since there is still 1 more year to face 3rd year 2nd semester. So, 2nd year 2nd semester, here I come!!!


  1. i'm 3rd yr now..hehe...freaking scary subjects...even the lecturers said so...damn... :(