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July 25, 2010

Finally, Imma Star Card Member of Toys Я Us

I've always wanted to be a privileged member of Toys Я Us, desperately. Yet, I'm always not eligible to become one... Ah I know I'm not working, I don't have money, I don't buy expensive toys, or whatsoever. Now, the curse has finally broken!

Yeay! At last......... Imma member of Toys Я Us who owns a 'Star Card'!

Hmm, I will not tell you what are the advantages of being a Star Card member, because, everything is available @ HERE! Kindly visit to find out more. But let me tell you the best part of it, it's a life time membership! Wuuhooo~

Soon or later, I can enjoy tonnes and tonnes of offers (NOT only toyssss), after being a Star Card Member! Wanna know more about it? Just visit the lovely website of Toys Я Us. Enjoy ;)


  1. lol... so what would you do with this card ehh? Buy toys for your future kids? :D

  2. @SonnyKazu- Not only toys, more other discounts on foods, tickets etc, visit their website =)