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July 15, 2010

The Best Mee Jawa in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia @ Pulau Melayu

If you're in Miri and a Mee Jawa lover, then you should go to a hut along Jalan Pulau Melayu and give it a try! Don't look down on a hut though. I was first introduced by my cousin and he knew it from his friend whom is a local Mirian. Well, you can't deny when a local tells you where to eat, right?

To be frank, this is the best Mee Jawa I had ever eaten in my entire life. I've been there for more than 10 times within these 2 years, the taste simply remain unchanged and delicious! You can't deny it. Moreover, the Teh Tarik at there is simply special though (if you're lucky enough to get to right person to do).

Without further delay, let me show you the pictures of the Mee Java and Teh Tarik.

Image 1: Mee Jawa at RM4.

Image 2: Teh Tarik at RM1.80.

Did the pictures attracted you? hehe. If you're a big eater, make sure you order 2 plates of Mee Jawa, because the portion is very small. You can count how many pieces of the Mee (noodles). LOL.

Anyway, their Mee Jawa is a bit pricey, RM4 per plate. You get what you paid, it's nyummy! No offence! If you look at Image 1, the normal Mee Jawa includes beef and egg. If you order their Mee Jawa Special, they will add chicken for you, RM5.50 per plate. As for their Tek Tarik, it's attractive, but ain't so tasty, still acceptable.

You may try their other dishes as well, such as fried Kueh Tiaw, it's sweet. And oh, if you're a fried chicken freak, don't hesitate to try. Or should I say, it's a must! Their fried chicken is well-deep fried! Anyhow, feel free to see their menu as below:

Image 3: Menu.

Basically, it's easy to get there, all you have to do is to find the right hut. Now, let me lead you to the its location. Feel free to use Google Map if you don't know where is Pulau Melayu located. Ok, let's assume you know the golf course along Jalan Pulau Melayu, all you have to do is just head towards that direction. You'll 1st pass by 'Marine Apartment' and then 'SK Pulau Melayu' on your left hand side.

Image 4: Marine Apartment.

Image 5: SK Pulau Melayu.

Slowly, you'll see the golf course on your right hand side. Now, keep an eye and look for the sign which stated 'Jln Pulau Melayu 1', as shown in Image 6 below.

Image 6: Jln Pulau Melayu 1.

Once you saw that 'Jln Pulau Melayu 1' sign, look on your left immediately. If I'm not mistaken, there are 2 huts at there. The one I'm introducing right now is the deeper inside, just look at the Image 7 below how the hut looks like.

Image 7: The hut.

Now you may know the place, and so, these are the additional information of that hut. Ohya, if you wanna enjoy your meal, please don't go on weekend, particularly on Sunday! It's not easy to get a table for your friends or family! ;)

Further details:
  • Location: Along Jalan Pulau Melayu 1 (near to Miri Golf Club).
  • Operating hour: Morning until 12 noon. It will close after noon.
  • Service: Not bad. Pretty fast.
  • Cleanness: A, clean but many cats around on peak hour.
  • Facilities: Nill, just fan. You can see a beach in front after the golf course.
  • Safety: How can I rate this?


  1. the teh tarik looks delicious but the price... oh my gosh... yeh yeh yeh yeh XD

  2. @Henry - Ya, it's a bit pricey if compared with West Malaysia.

  3. i strongly agree with u... their mee jawa is the bestest so far..
    and i really like their chicken wing.. fuhh..very yummy..
    we used to eat there almost every month while we stay in Miri.

    But now we've move back to kl, but after checking your entry, i'm drooling over it and cant wait to come back there againn...fuhh..

  4. Sapa tahan nunggu 1 jam kurang lebih dari start order boleh lah makan di sana...tiap tiap kali macam tu..walaupun tetamu tak Banyak....tertidor menunggu, very poor serving time even not too many customers...thats the worst of this warong..

  5. This warong have been operating for many years but no improvement has been done to widen the space as to accommodate more room for customers. No doubt about its mee jawa taste but the propreiter should also consider the waiting customers who have to stand waiting for others done. This matter should be solved and not taken easy or be proud of. Not all customers are happy about this and I m not surprise that many customers would like to come twice just to eat the said mee jawa. Why don't the propreiter think of growing his business in a more proffesional way inorder to gain better profit. I wonder why he can't think about this OR if changes to be made FENG SHUI lari...This is what is slacking with this warong...POOR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.