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June 28, 2010

What do pillows mean to you?

In this modern era, pillows are essential for us, let it be for sleeping purpose or decorating purpose, it's faultlessly healthy. However, sleeping without pillow is sort of suffering, don't you agree with me? It's very discomfort for me to sleep without at least 1 pillow on my head, I will have a headache.

Question, how many pillows do you use for sleeping?

I, personally, only use 2 pillows for sleeping, although there are 4 pillows and 1 bolster on my queen-sized bed. I'm just wondering, while you are sleeping, how many pillows do you usually use? 1? 2? 3? Or perhaps more? I presume, by average, each of us will use at least 2 pillows.

Now, number of pillows is not the point. What is more important is choosing the right pillow for sleeping. I'm not a professional neither an expert on pillows. Somehow, choosing the improper pillow for sleeping will lead to several negative impacts, such as neck ache and insomnia.

So, here are some useful links I would like to share with everyone. Enjoy ;)

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