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June 26, 2010

Insect which I hate the most!

Do you know what insect I hate the most? Just look at the picture on the left, does it tell you the answer? Yes, that's it, flies, I hate flies! Goddamnit, honestly, I hate flies! Let it be housefly or fruitfly, I still hate flies, and count maggots in. Uh, but not butterfly and dragonfly.

I hate flies when they are buzzing around my quiet and peaceful house, especially around my ears! I hate flies when they are buzzing around while I'm having my precious meal! I hate flies the most when they set their feet on my foods! Eww!!!

Question, don't you hate these disgusting little creatures?

The reasons I hate flies are because, first, they are gross in look! I won't get jealous with their "awesome" eyes, 4000 lenses in each eyes. Second, due to their speed, it's not easy to kill them, and that's why I hate flies! The average flying speed of flies is 7.24 km/hr with the wings beat of 200 per second, can you see how fast they travel? Unlike mosquitoes, you bite me, you die. As for flies, you shit on my foods, it took me ages to kill you! Third, I hate flies as they can transfer disease easily! In my own mind, they are dirty little creatures. The moment they set their feet on my foods, that's the moment I will get diarrhea (as long as the foods entered my mouth).

Moreover, to me, flies are the most stubborn insects I've ever met. Unlike cockroaches, the moment cockroaches sensed humans, they will run for their life as fast as they could. As for flies, you chase them away, not come to 5 seconds, they will come back. Uh, how stubborn they are! Flies don't see time, they can appear anytime they wish, let it be in the morning or at night, they will still appear from nowhere. Oh man, that's very irritating and annoying!

If I'm allow to make 3 wishes, one of the wishes will be, LET'S INSTINCT THE FLIES!

Facts on flies:


  1. kita pun tak suka lalat. geli. dia pijak2 tahi lepas tu pergi kita punya makanan. geli ..

  2. dun come to manjung area...a lot of it..especially when..
    1. ayam nak dijual
    2. buah kelapa sawit dah nak dijual..