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June 24, 2010

I need some good sleep! Can I?!

Finals were over, yet, I still couldn't get some good sleep. Before the finals, for more than 2 weeks, my sleeping hours was adjusted according to Europe time, as I am still in Malaysia. I slept during the sunrise and got up during lunch hour. Oh wait, I was accompanied by two of my friends, they are relatively cousin. Since we are taking the same course, so we study together for the finals, the best part it, I had stayed with them temporary in the campus' hostel (Curtin Lakeside Apartment) for nearly 3 weeks.

For the sake of our finals, almost every day, we slept at 4am (sometimes 5am) and woke up around 12pm, like I mentioned earlier, we slept during sunrise and got up during lunch hour. Now finals were over, I'm trying to readjust my sleeping hour according to Malaysia time, yet, it fails. I tell you why it fails, one simple reason, because of the FIFA World Cup 2010!!!

Malaysia time, the last match of the day starts at 2.30am and well, you know how long does a match goes. Now, that's very distracting and annoying.

Sometimes, I couldn't stop myself for not facing the TV just to watch a single ball which is tackling by 22 people in the field, especially when Brazil is on the field. Sometimes, I managed to force myself to sleep earlier, yet, my cousin at home will shout for GOAL, and that is very annoying. Sometimes, my 6 years old cousin-nephew will sleep with me, but, he tends to laugh while he's sleeping. I guess he's playing with his little angel in his dreamland? Gosh, sad to say, his laughter can wake me up.

My oh my, can I have some proper sleeping hour? Can I have some good sleep? Can I?

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