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June 14, 2010

Final Exam for Curtin-ians in Semester 1 2010

The final exam for Curtin-ians (degree) in Semester 1 2010 will be started from 14 June 2010 onwards for 2 weeks.

As for my course, Mechanical Engineering 2nd year Semester 1, 5 units are taken in place, which are:
FM 230 - Fluid Mechanics 230
MD 231 - Machine Dynamics 231
SOM 232 - Strength of Materials 232
EM 233 - Engineering Mathematics 233
EG 233 - Engineering Graphics 233
However, only 4 papers will be sitted during the final, EG233 was not included since the marks are based on the assessments given. Although only 4 papers, the time is sooooooo packed, because the 4 papers will be settled within 1 week!!! Let me show you my time table:

Monday - EM 233
Tuesday - OFF!
Wednesday - MD 231
Thursday - SOM 232
Friday - FM 230
Gosh, my brain gonna explode soon. Moreover, maths is the first paper. So, once again, I'm not gonna sleep and this is my 3rd time for not sleeping because of maths, goddamnit, I'm trying not to kill myself, LOL!


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