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June 25, 2010

Blogging Tips: How to leave the title for HTML/JavaScript widget blank in blogspot

All the while, blogger allows us to leave the title for the HTML/JavaScript widgets blank. Until recently, blogger doesn't allow us to leave our widget title for HTML/JavaScript blank. It will prompt out an error and stated that "Required field must not be blank", it's sort of annoying. Just refer to the image below if you haven't realise it.

However, there is a hack way to overcome it. In the title box, simply insert the following HTML codes:
Then, save your HTML/JavaScript widget and you're done. ;)


  1. i like your posting .. thanks i solved this problem.. great help...

  2. really work ma...
    tp jadi rapat sngat la plak...
    may be sebab template kot...

  3. yes, that is highly annoying. thanks for the info!

  4. Wow. I have tried and it works. How did u get it?! Thanks

  5. last time can wan wor... now no nid to put the codes also can leave blank d... :D