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June 30, 2010

How to enable wireless ad-hoc network with Internet sharing when the option button "Turn on Internet connection sharing" went missing

As many of us know, we can share our Internet connection by setting up a wireless ad-hoc network, regardless with Windows Vista or Windows 7. Somehow, at times, we're unable to share the Internet connection, just because the recommended option to "Turn on Internet connection sharing" is missing. Anyhow, it's just the matter of minor settings.

When the option button "Turn on Internet connection sharing" went missing, just apply these simple steps, I implanted these steps for Windows 7:
  1. Open Network and Sharing Center via Control Panel/Taskbar.
  2. On your top left, go to "Change adapter settings".
  3. Look for any connection which was set as default connection (with a green tick icon), right click on it and click "Cancel as Default Connection".
  4. Now, right click again on that connection and hit "Properties", then go to the "Sharing" tab.
  5. Lastly, uncheck "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" and click "OK".
Now, try to create your wireless ad-hoc network, the option button "Turn on Internet connection sharing" should reappear, as shown in image below. If it doesn't reappear, try to re-create your wireless ad-hoc network again, it should work perfectly. Cheers ;)

June 28, 2010

Let's fight against Arthritis

As many of us know, arthritis means joint inflammation. It is a disease that causes pain and loss of movement of our joints. In general, there are more than 100 types of arthritis, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

However, according to Reader's Digest, there are 9 delicious ways to fight against arthritis. The 9 secret nutrients are salmon, bananas, sweet peppers, shrimp, soy products, sweet potatoes, cheese, lentils and green tea.

Besides, based on the recent research at University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, the researches have found out that venom from bee stings could fight against arthritis. Fantastic huh?

So, let us fight against arthritis! Just wondering, will our cellphones cause arthritis if we keep SMS-ing every day? Anyhow, to find out more about the info I mentioned above,  feel free to visit the links I provided, as below. ;)

Useful links and sources:

What do pillows mean to you?

In this modern era, pillows are essential for us, let it be for sleeping purpose or decorating purpose, it's faultlessly healthy. However, sleeping without pillow is sort of suffering, don't you agree with me? It's very discomfort for me to sleep without at least 1 pillow on my head, I will have a headache.

Question, how many pillows do you use for sleeping?

I, personally, only use 2 pillows for sleeping, although there are 4 pillows and 1 bolster on my queen-sized bed. I'm just wondering, while you are sleeping, how many pillows do you usually use? 1? 2? 3? Or perhaps more? I presume, by average, each of us will use at least 2 pillows.

Now, number of pillows is not the point. What is more important is choosing the right pillow for sleeping. I'm not a professional neither an expert on pillows. Somehow, choosing the improper pillow for sleeping will lead to several negative impacts, such as neck ache and insomnia.

So, here are some useful links I would like to share with everyone. Enjoy ;)

June 27, 2010

Puffy Lab | We sell awesome tees by designers

In conjunction with the launch event of Puffy Lab, they are giving out more than 100 FREE launch tees, which is worth RM45! All you have to do is, sign up at HERE (via facebook) to get yourself a FREE launch tee.

Basically, if you manage to get 15 invites, you will get yourself a Awesome Red launch tee, refer to the image below.

However, if you manage to get 50 invites, you will get yourself a Ocean Blue launch tee and a VIP status for 6 months, refer to the image below.

Besides, if you manage to get 250 invites, you will entitle yourself a Ocean Blue launch tee and a SVIP status for 6 months, refer to the image below.

Last but not least, there will be 10 ultimate mystery gifts for top 10 most referrer. If you are 1 of the top 10, you will get yourself 1 extra first selling tee and a SVIP status for 6 months!

So what are you waiting for? Just sign up by clicking HERE (via facebook) and invite your friends to join this contest! Hurry up before the contest ends on 30th June 2010!

*P/s: If you are designers, you can submit your design to team[at] to earn up to RM500 commission.

June 26, 2010

Insect which I hate the most!

Do you know what insect I hate the most? Just look at the picture on the left, does it tell you the answer? Yes, that's it, flies, I hate flies! Goddamnit, honestly, I hate flies! Let it be housefly or fruitfly, I still hate flies, and count maggots in. Uh, but not butterfly and dragonfly.

I hate flies when they are buzzing around my quiet and peaceful house, especially around my ears! I hate flies when they are buzzing around while I'm having my precious meal! I hate flies the most when they set their feet on my foods! Eww!!!

Question, don't you hate these disgusting little creatures?

The reasons I hate flies are because, first, they are gross in look! I won't get jealous with their "awesome" eyes, 4000 lenses in each eyes. Second, due to their speed, it's not easy to kill them, and that's why I hate flies! The average flying speed of flies is 7.24 km/hr with the wings beat of 200 per second, can you see how fast they travel? Unlike mosquitoes, you bite me, you die. As for flies, you shit on my foods, it took me ages to kill you! Third, I hate flies as they can transfer disease easily! In my own mind, they are dirty little creatures. The moment they set their feet on my foods, that's the moment I will get diarrhea (as long as the foods entered my mouth).

Moreover, to me, flies are the most stubborn insects I've ever met. Unlike cockroaches, the moment cockroaches sensed humans, they will run for their life as fast as they could. As for flies, you chase them away, not come to 5 seconds, they will come back. Uh, how stubborn they are! Flies don't see time, they can appear anytime they wish, let it be in the morning or at night, they will still appear from nowhere. Oh man, that's very irritating and annoying!

If I'm allow to make 3 wishes, one of the wishes will be, LET'S INSTINCT THE FLIES!

Facts on flies:

Michael Jackson 1 year Death Anniversary

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, has left us for exactly 1 year on June 25th, 2010. Only his great pop songs and videos of  his superb dance moves are left for remembrance.

If one wants to join celebrating Michael Jackson’s year anniversary, he or she can go to LA. All fans meet at Forest Lawn on the day of the anniversary - many of them are going to bring in hundreds of helium balloons with a note card attached. Each fan will be able to write a private message to Michael. Also, Michael’s fans will light candles and sing his songs this day.

The address for the correct Forest Lawn where Michael Jackson is buried is:
1712 S. Glendale Ave.
Glendale, Ca. 91205.

The King of Pop is buried in a place called the Holy Terrace which is in the Mausoleum.
For further detailed information, kindly visit the source below.


June 25, 2010

Blogging Tips: How to leave the title for HTML/JavaScript widget blank in blogspot

All the while, blogger allows us to leave the title for the HTML/JavaScript widgets blank. Until recently, blogger doesn't allow us to leave our widget title for HTML/JavaScript blank. It will prompt out an error and stated that "Required field must not be blank", it's sort of annoying. Just refer to the image below if you haven't realise it.

However, there is a hack way to overcome it. In the title box, simply insert the following HTML codes:
Then, save your HTML/JavaScript widget and you're done. ;)

June 24, 2010

Several Facts on Farts

First thing first, I love to fart. Yes, I admit that I love to fart and I bet you're laughing right now. Because of this, I did some minor research about facts on farts. hehe.

Boys and girls, do you know that fart is flammable? Wow, cool. Do you know that if you consistently fart for 6 years and 9 months, you're able to produce your own atomic bomb? Wow, pretty dangerous!

There are lotsa questions regarding farts, let it be biologically, physically, chemically or whatsoever. Let me list out some of the common questions regarding farts and the answers will not be provided by me, however, I will provide you the link at the end of this post.

1. Where does fart gas come from?
2. What is fart gas made of?
3. What makes farts stink?
4. Why do farts make noise?
5. How much gas does a normal person pass per day?
6. Do men fart more than women?
7. What things other than diet can make a person fart more than usual?
8. Is it harmful to hold in farts?

Interesting huh? Wanna know the answers and want more questions? Kindly visit HERE. Enjoy~

I need some good sleep! Can I?!

Finals were over, yet, I still couldn't get some good sleep. Before the finals, for more than 2 weeks, my sleeping hours was adjusted according to Europe time, as I am still in Malaysia. I slept during the sunrise and got up during lunch hour. Oh wait, I was accompanied by two of my friends, they are relatively cousin. Since we are taking the same course, so we study together for the finals, the best part it, I had stayed with them temporary in the campus' hostel (Curtin Lakeside Apartment) for nearly 3 weeks.

For the sake of our finals, almost every day, we slept at 4am (sometimes 5am) and woke up around 12pm, like I mentioned earlier, we slept during sunrise and got up during lunch hour. Now finals were over, I'm trying to readjust my sleeping hour according to Malaysia time, yet, it fails. I tell you why it fails, one simple reason, because of the FIFA World Cup 2010!!!

Malaysia time, the last match of the day starts at 2.30am and well, you know how long does a match goes. Now, that's very distracting and annoying.

Sometimes, I couldn't stop myself for not facing the TV just to watch a single ball which is tackling by 22 people in the field, especially when Brazil is on the field. Sometimes, I managed to force myself to sleep earlier, yet, my cousin at home will shout for GOAL, and that is very annoying. Sometimes, my 6 years old cousin-nephew will sleep with me, but, he tends to laugh while he's sleeping. I guess he's playing with his little angel in his dreamland? Gosh, sad to say, his laughter can wake me up.

My oh my, can I have some proper sleeping hour? Can I have some good sleep? Can I?

June 21, 2010

DeLorean DMC-12 in Miri, Sarawak

This afternoon, I accompanied my cousin to a workshop, just to send his BMW X5 for a checkup. By the time we reached there, wow, I saw the workshop was occupied with all sorts of luxury cars like Lexus 470, BMW M3, Porsche Booster S and many more. Aww, those cars are sick.

However, something else has caught my eyes. Just look at the image below!!!

Image: The DeLorean "Time Machine".

WOW, I never expected that I stand a chance to see this time machine car (DeLorean DMC-12) which is the same as the 1 we saw in the movie, 'Back to the Future'! Moreover, it is in Miri, Sarawak! Hmm, I think it is still under modification, as you can see the colours are not completed (if you compared to the 1 in the movie). Do I stand a chance to drive it? LOL!

Shell V-Power 97 (Malaysia)

Since RON95 was introduced as the main fuel for all vehicles, RON97 is hardly can be seen everywhere in Malaysia, regardless of big cities. As in Miri, I've counted about 3 Shell patrol stations have RON97. Now, Shell Malaysia has introduced a new formulated fuel, which is Shell V-Power 97 (not the V-Power Racing). The good news is, it can be found at every Shell Patrol Station! Yeay! Now I don't have to travel all the way to town just to fuel the empty tank.

Basically, Spell V-Power 97 is a replacement of RON97, ain't it obvious since the number 97 is there? LOL. Well, the selling price is also same as the previous RON97, which is RM2.05 per litre.

The advantages of  using Shell V-Power 97 are:
  • A unique formulation that contains components selected for their ability to deliver more power and acceleration through improved combustion, whatever car you drive.
  • 97 Octane formulation is designed to deliver the acceleration potential of all cars.
  • The same Friction Modification Technology used in Shell V-Power race fuel by Ferrari Formula One cars is designed to reduce friction by introducing a surface coating component to protect critical engine parts. This helps unlock valuable energy enabling more efficient energy transfer from the fuel to the wheels. It is designed for improved performance right from the first fill.

To find out more about the performance, do read HERE.

June 20, 2010

Pictures to Share: Sunset @ Curtin Sarawak

Again and again, I couldn't stop myself for shooting the sunset around my campus' lake. Although that time (22nd May) final was coming, yet, I spared some time to get this 2 shoots, I hope everyone likes it!

Image 1: Sunset @ 6:26pm local time

Image 2: Zoomed at 105mm.

Do find out more sunset pictures by clicking the 'Sunset' tag!

-Click on the images for a larger view.
-Images above were unedited except for the trademark.
-Images above were taken with Nikon D70 and Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G.

Final's Over

18 June was the day where my final ended. The results? Just wait for 14 July. I bet the results are gonna be very bad, since I could not tackle the tricky questions completely! I don't hope for repeating the same units next year!

Well, let the disappointment be a good lesson for me and let's proceed to the next semester! Year 2, 2nd semester, is already waiting for me and I will start "operating" as a student again on 2nd August onwards till 26 November.

As for now, HAPPY HOLIDAY for 6 weeks and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all fathers out there, especially my papa!!!

June 14, 2010

Final Exam for Curtin-ians in Semester 1 2010

The final exam for Curtin-ians (degree) in Semester 1 2010 will be started from 14 June 2010 onwards for 2 weeks.

As for my course, Mechanical Engineering 2nd year Semester 1, 5 units are taken in place, which are:
FM 230 - Fluid Mechanics 230
MD 231 - Machine Dynamics 231
SOM 232 - Strength of Materials 232
EM 233 - Engineering Mathematics 233
EG 233 - Engineering Graphics 233
However, only 4 papers will be sitted during the final, EG233 was not included since the marks are based on the assessments given. Although only 4 papers, the time is sooooooo packed, because the 4 papers will be settled within 1 week!!! Let me show you my time table:

Monday - EM 233
Tuesday - OFF!
Wednesday - MD 231
Thursday - SOM 232
Friday - FM 230
Gosh, my brain gonna explode soon. Moreover, maths is the first paper. So, once again, I'm not gonna sleep and this is my 3rd time for not sleeping because of maths, goddamnit, I'm trying not to kill myself, LOL!


June 03, 2010

Gimme Food on Flights

Travelling with plane is one of the most tired and most boring journey for almost everyone, especially travelling for a loooooong distant. As for me, travelling within West Malaysia and East Malaysia with MAS (domestic flight) is also rather tiring and boring, eventhough the journey only takes about 2 hours!

In general, each airline service has their own respective entertainments for all of the passengers on board, for instant, MAS Airlines allow all of the passengers on board to watch the latest movies for unlimited times, listen to musics and songs, and play card games. Uh, the entertainments that I mentioned are only available for international flight, exclusive domestic flight, pity me. However, in the aspect of foods, all of the airlines' services is lacking with 1 thing and I've been hoping for it for quite some time, which is providing the tasty, juicy, crunchy, crispy and last but not least, spicy the Mc'Donald's DOUBLES!!!

Don't you agree with me? Anyway, the reasons for me to demand the Mc'Donald's DOUBLES are because......
1. the burgers are tasty, juicy, crunchy, crispy and last but not least, spicy~~~
2. burger is one of my favourite fastfood of all!
3. burger can be catogerised as a balanced diet meal as it contains meat such as chicken or beef or fish, cabbage, mayonise, cheese, fresh tomatoes and chilli sauce.

Ah, I really hope that MAS Airlines can provide such menu or similar menu, especially for domestic flight or at least specially for me! LOL!

Anyhow, do catch out the videos that I embed, which are Project Alpha Season 2 Episode 43 until Episode 46.

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Never go hungry while flying with MAS!