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May 08, 2010

Tutorial: Cleaning the Dust inside Laptop

We humans take bath at least twice a day. Reason? To keep our self clean. What about our daily usage of laptop and desktop? From time to time, our laptop and desktop are also needed to be cleaned in order for them to perform well. If not, the consequences are terrible, such as overheat, and worse, hardware failure, I hope everyone knows about it. Just a little info if you don't know, dust is public enemy number 1 for PCs.

Image 1: Dust located around HSF (Heat Sink Fan).

So, I'm here to guide users whom are not really good with PCs, to clean our dusty laptop, internally. I will only guide on how to clean the dust inside laptop, as for desktop, it applies more or less the same steps. What we need are just screw driver, brush (any brush will do, even unused toothbrush), and you might need dust blower. Everything prepared? So let the party begin now!

Oh wait, before proceeding, here are some warnings and safety precautions:
1. If possible, ask some experienced people to stay by your side, for safety purpose.
2. Ensure your hands and equipments are clean and dry, do I've to tell you this?
3. Do not use vacuum, it's very harmful for motherboard! Unless you want to clean your HSF (Heat Sink Fan) externally.
4. Before you start cleaning, please unplug everything which is connected to your laptop, including the battery!
5. Using mouth to blow the dust inside is not advisable, use dust blower instead!
6. Choose a proper location to clean your laptop.

Alright, after obeying the above law notes, 1st, unscrew all the screws at the bottom of your laptop. Wait, only unscrew those screws which are related with the bottom cover, not all of the screws. Here's an example of mine, Acer Aspire 4920.

Image 2: Screws!

Saw the related screws? 8 of them! Now, unscrew the screws 1 by 1 which are opposite to each other. Get what I mean? See again Image 2, as above, saw the number sequence? They are not numbered clockwise or anti-clockwise. What I did was, I unscrewed the screws by following the numbers accordingly. Once you are done with it, take the cover off, and you will see your laptop's component inside! If possible, control your itchy hands for not touching those stuffs.

Image 3: Surgery in progress.

Then, you may start cleaning your laptop, with brush and dust blower. Most of the time, the dirtiest part will be the HSF (Heat Sink Fan), so, take your own sweet time to clean it. A gentle reminder, avoid using your mouth to blow the dust inside. You may use vacuum to suck the dust in HSF, if you know how to unplug your HSF, I'm not gonna teach here, because it's kinda risky. In my opinion, cleaning the HSF is the most important part, as for the other components, you may brush them gently.

Once you're done with everything, place the cover back and screw back like how you unscrewed it, I'm referring to the sequence. Remember, don't unscrew and screw the screws clockwise or anti-clockwise. This is to ensure that the cover is in the proper position. While screwing back, just screw the screws gently (don't tighten), once all of the screws are in the proper position, then only tighten those screws.

What do you think? It's not a hard job to clean your laptop right? By the way, if your laptop is still under warranty and the seals are still unbroken, you're not recommended to do so. As for mine, the warranty seals were broken since the day I bought, because of adding RAM. Also, if you dare not do, just ask someone who knows to help you, at the mean time, learn how to do! Enjoy~


  1. fulamak, c ur post reminds me to check my lappy, banyak lama no clean!

  2. great tips... but mine is still under warranty... :D

  3. uuu...i feel so lazy to clean all that dust but after read thru your entry, i think dat i need to..

  4. Ezra, you should consider to cleaning up Dell Laptops, really hard one oh~

  5. Hey that's cool...Very simple and easy way to clean laptop safely...I am sure everyone would find this post to be an useful one..Thanks for sharing