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May 19, 2010

Received 8 Parts of 'Build a Solar System Model'

On Sunday, I've successfully subscribed the 'Build a Solar System Model' magazines (with parts of course) in the official website, On Monday, I received a phone call whereby the person in charge asked me whether interested to purchase Part 2 and Part 4 till Part 10 (Part 3 is free) in 1 shot, without second thought, I just replied: "OK!" and indirectly, I've paid RM239.20. Uh~

On Wednesday, I got a message from my sister and she told me that my items have arrived! WOW! That was quick! Unfortunately, I had no chance to discover and touch it, until December 2010!!!!! Reason, I'm in the East while my items were posted to West (free postage). Basically, the package includes Part 2, Part 4 till Part 10, 3 free printouts, a free binder and a free toolkit, as stated in the website. Somehow, I did not receive Part 3 yet, next month perhaps? Anyway, see the picture below.

Image: 9 parts in 1 go.

Well, since I'm in the East, thus the picture above was taken by my sister. The moment I saw this picture, my hands get itchier! How I wish I can assemble it right now! So for now, 9 parts are in my hand and 43 parts (RM1285.70) to go!

Stay tuned for more...

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