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May 14, 2010

Pizza & Pasta, Miri, Sarawak

Wanna tryout something special in Miri? Here's a local restaurant I would recommend to give it a shot, known as Pizza & Pasta.

Clearly, the name of the shop is known as Pizza & Pasta, but it doesn't mean that they only serve pizza and pasta, in fact, they have variety of choices of foods from everywhere. Get what I mean? They also serve pizza bun, garlic bread, baked rice, sushi, fried kuey tiaw and WOW! Moreover, they have their own special menus, as below!

Image 1: PP Special drink.

Image 1 is showing Pizza & Pasta own special drink, known as PP Special, which only costs RM2.50 each. PP Special contains milk, lemon, basil seeds and kiwi. I would say it is very delightful! Give it a try though!

Image 2: Mee goreng sambal.

I was attracted by their mee goreng sambal, as it was advertised in the local newspapers (Borneo Post), it only costs RM2 per plate!!! Most of all, it's really NYUMMY!!!! I can rate this 5 out of 5! No joke! Oh by the way, try to request for pedas tambah pedas, it will looks like as the image above.

Image 3: PP special pizza.

Image 3 is showing Pizza & Pasta own made pizza, namely PP special pizza, it costs RM8. PP special pizza contains tuna,button mushroom, pineapple and so on. Erm, it doesn't really taste good, but the crusts are crunchy! And oh, the size is medium.

Image 4: The restaurant.

Well, image 4 is showing the look of the restaurant. You may choose to sit either inside with air-cond or outside with... smokers, hehe. Overall, this is one of the unique hideouts I've seen in Miri. Like I mentioned, they have variety of choices of foods, marvelous!

So, here are some details of Pizza & Pasta.
Location: I don't think you need the address, Pizza & Pasta is located exactly next Boulevard Shopping Complex! Not opposite or behind.
Business Hour: 8am - 8pm

Try or regret to the max!

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