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May 11, 2010

Never Ending Assessments

My dearest readers,

My point of posting this post is to inform all of you that I'm not gonna update my blog as frequent as usual. Reason? As per title, my assessments, such as lab reports, assignments and mini project are piling up of all a sudden.

A little intro in case you don't know, Imma 2nd year 1st semester student in Curtin University and taking the course of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. So, I've suffered through almost 50% of the entire course. Tell you what, my 2nd year 1st semester gonna end at the end of June 2010. Gosh, no hard feeling.

Well, this morning, I've compiled a list of my assessments. Interested to see? Here goes nothing then:
Lab reports:
1. FM230 (Due on 10th of May) DONE!
2. MD 231 (Due on 20th of May)
3. SOM 232 (Due on 26th of May)

1. EM 233 (Part II, due on 24th of May)
2. MD 231 (Due on 26th of May)
3. EG232 (Part III, due on 31st of May)
4. SOM 232 (Due on 31st of May)

Mini project:
1. FM 230 (28th of May)

FM 230 - Fluid Mechanics 230
MD 231 - Machine Dynamics 231
SOM 232 - Strength of Materials 232
EM 233 - Engineering Mathematics 233
EG 233 - Engineering Graphics 233

Hmm, I think that's it. 8 assessments have just struck from nowhere. At least 1 was submitted yesterday, still, 7 to go! Oh hell, I wish I could have at least 36 hours per day. Basically, the lab reports and assignments are individual work and only the mini project for FM 230 is a group work. Holy goat, any better life for me?

Well, according to many, including seniors, 2nd year 1st semester is the toughest semester where a lot of assessments to handle, so, here's the evidence. Moreover, 2nd year 1st semester is the craziest semester where a lot of students will either switch their major or switch to other campuses. I hope this will not happen to me though!

So again, my dearest readers,

I hope you understand my current situation, and I believe some of you here are facing the same situation as me right now, or in the past perhaps. It doesn't mean that I will not blog, as mentioned earlier, I will not update as frequent as I can. Cheers and stay tuned yo! ^^


  1. Good luck in your assignments! :D

  2. Do u by any chance still hv the solution for assignment 2 for maths 233? im really struggling in that particular subject now lol...