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May 16, 2010

A Mega Project for Me and Myself - Build a Solar System Model

16th of May 2010, I dropped by to a local magazine store to get a copy of Sunday Star (Sarawak Edition) and at the same time, I sought around whether HWM Magazine for May issue is being released. As far as I know, that magazine store never bring in HWM Magazine, yet, I just wanna try my luck and I didn't put any hope to get a copy of it. Before I set my feet out, something else has caught my eyes and I was stunned for few seconds. Yes, as per title, "BUILD A SOLAR SYSTEM". I think some of you may heard about it previously, because it was released quite some time, only thing Malaysia is slower.

How it caught my eyes? It was so big and it was displayed near the counter, so and so, here comes my interest towards our solar system, again, after stopped for a long time since I entered university life. Basically, in order to build a solar system model of our own, we need to buy or subscribe the magazines with the title of "Build a Solar System", weekly. Each issue will attach with the parts of the solar system, parts by parts. Just look at the images below for the first issue/part.

Image 1: Part 1, front view.
Image 2: Part 1, rear view.
Image 3: A notice stated there, read it.
Image 4: Part 1.

Stunned? Interested? Ah, I'm gonna try to get all of the parts, 52 parts in total (refer to Image 3). As for the price, it costs RM12.90 for the first part while the remaining 51 parts are RM29.90 each! RM12.90 + (51 x RM29.90) = RM1537.80!!! This is sure a mega project for me and myself. In my opinion, the best is to subscribe the "Build a Solar System" instead of going to magazine stores to get the parts. Because, it will be published weekly, which means 4 parts within 1 month. Furthermore, there are many freebies if you subscribe it. Anyhow, to find out more detailed information, kindly visit Here's a video where Sir Patrick Moore introduces the solar system model.

Guess I've brought myself into "trouble". Initially, my plan was to get a speedlight (either new SB-600 or 2nd hand SB-800) or a 8mm Samyang fisheye lens for my Nikon D70 by the end of this year. Now, I think I gotta delay the speedlight/fisheye. Moreover, I think I might stop purchasing HWM Magazine until I completed the 'Solar System' project! Oh by the way, I'm getting this solar system model by subtracting my monthly allowance from my dad. hehehe. Uh, I can't wait to assemble it!

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