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May 04, 2010

HWM (April 2010 Issue)

Wow, I bought it on 1st of May, and I never expected that Popular bookstore in Miri still have the stock, although I bought it that late. Before I enter Popular, I expected that the HWM for April 2010 issue to be sold out, because the March issue was sold out even I went before April began. Am I consider lucky or what? 2 copies were there before I took 1. So, where's the previous crazy buyer whom bought all of the copies for March issue? Really cursed by me? :-#

Image 1: Cover page, not taken properly.
Image 2: 2 booklets.

And hell yeah, I got it for RM14 instead of RM17! What can I say, got it from a bookstore is better than a local magazine store though!

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