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May 05, 2010

A Cat or A Dog as Pet

Having a dilemma by choosing either a dog or a cat as a pet? Generally, both of them have their own respective characteristics and they are totally different. Here, I would like to share my point of view to those who are choosing either a cat or a dog as a pet, but not both.

First of all, I will compare their similarities. Both have four feet, both are mammals, both are furry animals. Aren’t that obvious? Those are the facts. Most of all, they do love their owner.

Despite of the similarities, the differences between a dog and a cat are huge. Please take note, they are kind of opposite to each other, I bet you knew about it. So, here goes the list:

---1. General characters---
I will mention both of their positive and negative sides. See how are they opposite to each other.
*Cats: Lazy, arrogant, calm, independent etc
*Dogs: Active, loyal, aggressive, dependent etc

---2. Hygiene---
I will apply the functions of cameras for this section. Cats are just like a modern DSLR while dogs are SLR.
*Cats: Have self-cleaning sensor, which means they know how to take a good care of their own personal hygiene, especially after meal.
*Dogs: Need to be cleaned with a dust blower, which means they need to take bath and owners have to do the job. Because of dogs’ activeness, they need to take bath frequently.

---3. Maintenance---
Many aspects can be listed in this section, but I will only list down the main points.
*Cats: Low and little care needed. Eat less, small spaces needed as they are small in size and they seldom run.
*Dogs: High and extra care required. Eat more, require bigger compartment (neglect small dogs like cup poodle) as they are big in size and they are too active, they simply love to run around and digging holes. In the growing stage, they will tend to bite anything in front of their eyes, especially shoes.

---4. Training---
In my mind, pets without trainings are kind of meaningless.
*Cats: Little training needed, for instant, train them not to pee in the house or just pee in the toilet and so on. Cats are not as intelligent as dogs, they don’t really remember comments.
*Dogs: Trainings are highly required or else your dog will be a wild dog, perhaps. Dogs are easily to be trained, just that more time is needed.

Basically, these are what that I can list out from my head. There are more differences on them, of course. In terms of loyalty, like I mentioned earlier, they love their owner, so, there should be no headache.

As for me, I will choose dog over cat as my pet. Few simple reasons, because of their activeness (attention seekers), they listen to comments and most of all, they are security guards of the house. Keep in mind, if you plan to get a dog, time wise, choose only if and only if you are willing to spend time with your dog, not only during puppy age. Or else, get a cat like Garfield instead.

What I mentioned above is based on my point of view, it can be partially right or totally wrong though. So, to all of my dearest readers, feel free to comment and continue the list though. Cheers.

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  1. Get both cats and dogs as your pets... then you will go crazy about them! :D