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May 03, 2010

BBQ and Sunset @ Tanjung Lobang, Miri

Wanna find a place to BBQ with friends in Miri? Then just head to Tanjung Lobang, one of the best spot for BBQ, it is located by the beach, or else, Taman Awam. Both of these places are equipped with BBQ facilities.

So, my crazy friends have organised a BBQ on 1st of May. Alright, I've no idea with their plan, I only follow them blindly. Everything began around 2pm, where many of us started to gather at Tanjung. When we reached there around 2:30pm, it was drizzling. And holy, I've forgotten that 1st of May is Labour Day, the beach was packed with humans! Even an unknown band (to me) known as 'Warung Band' was there to perform a live show. Gosh, awful voices.

Anyhow, lucky there was an empty and clean BBQ spot for us. When the rain was gone, our madness began around 3:20pm! With the existence of our cool chef, David Poh, everything went smoothly except......

Image 1: Chicken?

Does it looks like a roasted chicken? Or black pepper chicken? LOL! Great job David. Anyway, I've to admit that the sunset at Tanjung was awesome! Here are some pictures of it, with my cute friends as my models. XD

Image 2: David Poh.
Image 2: Fang Jun and Elaine.
Image 4: Voon Fung and Chee Wai.
Image 5: Samuel Ng.
Image 6: All of us. Me? The 1 in blue at the back.
Image 7: Sunset at Tanjung.

Boys and girls, thanks for the BBQ though! Uh, I truly madly deeply felt in love with the sunset at Tanjung Lobang, Miri. I definitely will go there again just to capture sunset, wait for me ya!

Ohya by the way, if you wanna BBQ till late night, don't go to Tanjung, it will be dark as soon as the sun goes down. Head to Taman Awam instead if you plan to BBQ at night or till late night.

-Click on the images for a larger view.
-A little editing were made on some of the images except Image 1, 5 & 7.
-Images above were taken with Nikon D70 and Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G.

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