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April 10, 2010

Yet, another New Skin for my Blog

I'm sick with my old layout, which was 'Theater Room'. Reason? My ads will eventually overlap with my menu bar. Jeez. Without further crapping from me, so, here you go, I present you a simple, plain and white layout. Credits to my buddy, Google, that I've found this new layout.

Basically, I've changed my blog's layout for 4 times, since January 16, 2010. I changed the layouts just for my satisfactions. I hope this layout will give me no headache from now onwards. I also hope that I can remain this layout till the end of......

This layout is simply the most complicated layout that I've ever faced, so far. I edited like 30% of the HTML codes for this layout, gosh, it's cracking my head. Anyway, do let me know if you found out any bugs. Thanks.


  1. Not bad. Very simple. Very pleasing to the eyes:)

  2. nice~ took me 3 sec to load~ :p
    the popup kinda annying.. hahhahaa

  3. ya.. this is one simple yet nice bckground.. nice!!

  4. Yupe, it sure does, simple and tidy =D