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April 27, 2010

Waterspout near Miri beach on 26th April 2010

First of all, I wanna make it clear what has happened exactly yesterday. It was not a hurricane neither tornado, because it was not formed on the land. The answer is waterspout, many thought it was a tornado though. Do google or wikipedia it for more info.

Yesterday evening, many can see a waterspout formed by the beach in Miri. According to my cousin, who is working offshore in Miri, he told me before that it is very common to see waterspout from time to time. Hmm, maybe usually we couldn't see it from land? Here's a picture I obtained from

Image: Waterspout

Cool huh? How I wish I can see with my own naked eyes, thanks to my late evening class on every Monday.

Anyway, the picture I obtained is from and 1 more similar post is available at

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