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April 07, 2010

That's it, I had enough with Celcom Broadband!

I've been subscribing Celcom Berukband Broadband for days, for weeks, for months, for years since *let me dig out my receipt* April 2008. Gosh, will be using it for 2 years at the end of this month.

Ah well, ever wonder why I'd chosen Celcom over Maxis and Streamyx?
  • First, because I'm not a permanent resident in Miri, I only come here to study, so why do I need a DSL connection? Thus, Streamyx was out from the list. Furthermore, I'm using Streamyx in KL, why should I subscribe, 1 more?
  • Second, in between Celcom and Maxis, Celcom has a wider coverage in Miri and larger bandwidth, 5Gb instead of 3Gb from Maxis (that time but not for now).
  • Third, don't ask me why not DiGi or P1 Wimax or uMobile, because I'm in Miri! That's why!
To tell everyone the truth, I've been complaining the usages of Celcom in Miri since the 1st day I've started to use. I can type out 10 pages of A4 sheets about the bad experiences I faced. Uh, cut the crap for now and I'll straight to my point for today. Just look at the attached image below.

Image: Noob Celcom!

This issue happened in a sudden, if you couldn't see it, just click on the image for a larger view. Saw? Noticed anything? It's so lame that it stated 'No Network', but yet, I'm still surfing? Well, that's not the thing, last 2 days, I've no idea why my connection will get disconnected continuously for more than 20 times within 1 hour, frustrated, argh.

That's it, I had enough with Celcom Berukband Broadband! I'm paying RM98 per month for nothing! I've spent RM98 x 12 months = RM2352 + modem RM250-RM300 (forgotten). Damn, I'm soooo gonna switch to Maxis Broadband, soon, perhaps, since they have promotion right now. Well, we'll see.

To be continued.........maybe


  1. celcom.. never tried that before.. in fact, i've been using streamyx all along.. i think land-line broadbands are always better =)

  2. use maxis if u wanna cry even worse =) i'm an ex user of maxis lol.

  3. All broadband same one. expect you use streamyx.

  4. @kenwooi- yupe, DSL/HSBB is faaaar way better than wireless broadbands.

    @krazy- tempted at their new packages, so might wanna give it a try, the free trial.

    @supia- ahya, in Miri the housing I'm staying is renting 1, and don't have phone cable.

  5. I use to rent as well. even though we were there for only 6 months we installed a land line and where ever we move we took the streamx along^^

  6. yeah CELCOM! i experienced the speed before! that's truly amazing!i rather go for dial-up more even faster than this.. =P

  7. Wireless broadband in Malaysia all sux lah... LOL

  8. HaHa.. BUrukband.. XD
    I use wimax..
    satisfaction guaranteed? Maybe.. LOL..
    But definately better than other plan.. XD
    and extra expensive too!! >.<

  9. brookband celcom is not good. try maxis. they got 7days trial. xD

    and if im not mistaken, miri already have 3G right? ur place at permy there?

  10. im DIGIrians!!haha..the connection is gud,but the modem is sux!

  11. @glow- inconvenient for me bah.

    @Kenzo- but the dl speed is pretty fast compared to my 1mbps Streamyx in KL, lol. 240kbps for Celcom while 160kbps for Streamyx, by average.

    @Tony- true, but if location good then ok.

    @Dewi- I think you're the 1st person I saw satisfy with P1. My friend who sell it also hates it. BTW, Miri no P1.

    @bLurr- Ya, only Maxis and Celcom got 3G network in Miri, woot, and ya Permy area.

    @faizu- Miri no DG 3G network yet, so...

    @jfook- when it's sucks, it's really sucks, when it's good, it's really good.