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April 09, 2010

Sin Wan Delight Rojak & Cold Drinks Centre, Miri, Sarawak

New to Miri? Hot? Cold? Thirsty? Hungry? Got nowhere else to go?

Well, if you have met all of the criterias above, here's a "hideout" where you should never ever miss when you're in Miri! It's the well-known 'Sin Wan Delight Rojak & Cold Drinks Centre'.

It's famous for its cold/icy drinks such as Kacang Cendol, Kacang Jagung, Kacang Agar-agar and many more. Not only that, the rojak in 'Sin Wan' is simply the best in Miri, such as Sotong Kangkung, Kuih Udang/Keladi and many more! Yes, the best!

Image 1: An example of the cold/icy drinks, kacang jagung.
Image 2: Rojak kuih, mixed everything.
Image 3: Sotong kangkung.
Image 4: The shop.
Image 5: The name and some menu.

For the cold/icy drinks, you can either ask for milk or santan. To be frank, the cold/icy drinks are more or less the same with other local shops. But, the masterpiece, is the rojak! You can try every corner in Miri for Sotong Kangkung and Rojak Kuih, and I dare to bet, you'll come back to 'Sin Wan'! Especially my favourite, its' rojak kuih!!! I'm willing to skip my meal for the rojak kuih! Reason? The sauce!

Anyhow, in terms of price, it's a little bit pricey compared to other local shops, but not much. Still, it's worth to pay extra for yummy foods! For now, the price for cold/icy drinks are RM2.30 per bowl (I remember it was RM2 per bowl last year). As for the rojak, the price is up to you, starting from RM4 until err, you decide (they cut down the quantity compared to last year).

Know where it is located? Google out 'Taman Bintang Jaya' and you'll know where! Hints, located right behind a Petronas nearby Bintang Plaza!

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  1. EVERYTIME your photos all so nice! How to take so nice la!! Teach me~ teach~