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April 20, 2010

My 1st Panning Shots

On 18th of April 2010, Sunday, Curtin Basketball Club has organised a '3 on 3 Basketball Tournament'. In my mind, I did not plan to participate the tournament, since I stopped basketball for quite a long time, however, my intention was to gain experience in capturing panning pictures!

Wondering what's panning in photography? Read HERE. Gosh, now I understand how difficult it is to capture panning pictures. I always wanted to try on panning shots and finally, I had the chance to capture, for the first time. I spammed 188 pictures, and guess how many pictures were acceptable, just scroll down and see the almost-successful-perfect panning pictures.

Image 1: Basketball.

Image 2: Basketball.

Image 3: The MVP.

Uh, I think I need lotsa practice for panning shots. I wanna try panning on cars someday, F1 perhaps. hehe. The bigger the subjects, the easier to capture, I guess. Panning on basketball is not easy though, because of circular motion!

Anyway, the champion of this tournament was the team that always win for past N years, regardless 5on5 or 3on3. Image 3 shows 1 of the key players!

-Click on the images for a larger view.
-Images above were unedited except for the trademark.
-Images above were taken with Nikon D70 and Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G.

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