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April 27, 2010

McDonald's Doubles

Check this out! It's the McDonald's Doubles in Malaysia! Just look at the MEGA Mac, gosh, wonder how to squeeze it into my mouth...

Uh, each time I see this commercial advertisement, I will drool. Somehow, I'm gonna comment something about this. Not the price, not the taste, not the food, also, not the size. So what on Earth am I gonna comment about if it's nothing to do with food? It's about the commercial video. Wondering which video? Take your sweet time as I attached the video below.


How? Anything weird or so? Uh, straight to my point. Based on the video, at 00:29, why don't ask the girl to sit in the middle? Reason. To set a double date with those 2 men. XD

From my point of view, McDonald's Doubles don't really look special, I just wanna feel the thickness of those burgers, especially MEGA Mac. Anyway, I'm hope that I can try it when I get back to Kuala Lumpur on December (I hope it will last long). I'm not gonna try it in Miri, because the McD in Miri is franchised. No offense, not to say that I look down on them or so.

The Irresistible McDonald's Doubles, with double the taste you love.
Double the taste. Double the enjoyment.
I'm Lovin' Doubles.. I'm Lovin' It...

Do find out more @ I can't find any related topic about this in their MAIN website. Update faster please!

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