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April 18, 2010

Internet Speed Test in Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak (April 2010)

Basically, I'm in the computer lab right now, Curtin University Sarawak Campus. Yes, just look at the posting time, 1:30am. Wondering what the hell am I doing at here at this time? Nothing much, just gonna overnight in my friends' hostel, the campus lakeside apartment, to do some physical exercise revisions for our mid-term test on upcoming Monday, Strength of Materials. Now, I'm in the computer lab just to do some daily online activities, at the mean time, we are doing a little touch up for our autoCAD assignment, Engineering Graphics.

Usually, I will complain as much as I could, due to the lagginess of the internet in the campus, ragardless in the computer lab or in the apartment. However, since it is pass midnight right now, where there are around 5 people the in the computer lab, I've noticed the internet speed is superb, in Malaysia only lah of course. So here goes the internet speed test via
Fast?! Jeez, kinda lame and what a shame. As you can see the images above, I ran 2 speed tests based on 2 different servers, which were Seri Kembangan and Singapore. Both of them were showing different results. Oh well, nothing special about the results, but, I only hope that I can subscribe the new UniFi, by TM, with such speed.
Malaysia boleh...?


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  2. Line internet dekat sarawak lagi laju dari semenanjung malaysia nak ketawa aku tengok.