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April 27, 2010

Goodbye Pinky Fingernail

Each time I cut my fingernails, I will also only cut trim my right pinky fingernail, I insist to cut my right pinky fingernail. Before that, ladies and gentlemen, don't think too much on why did I kept my right pinky fingernail long. Let me call pinky fingernail as pinky-nail for short.

First of all, not to dig the "gold" in my nose and ears! 2nd, not trying to be cool. 3rd, not following the culture whereby Asian males keep pinky fingernail for wealth purpose. 4th, not to make girls jealous on my long fingernail(s) etc etc.

One simple reason, just to show that I'm free from the rule of maintaining short fingernails since kindergarten till high school! Anyway, I start keeping it since I graduated from high school, in the early year of 2008 till today. And of course within these 2 years, my pinky-nail got broken for more than 5 times. Each time it broken, I will still continue keeping it.

At last, today, I've made up my mind to cut my pinky-nail off. Reasons, I'm kinda lazy and tired to maintain my pinky-nail. Furthermore, I'm afraid to hurt my pinky-nail while holding my DSLR. DSLR won't feel the pain, but my pinky-nail can feel the pain though. So pinky-nail, bye for now, I soooo gonna miss you, very much!!!

Oh ya, almost forgotten, the longest record I kept was 4.2cm, including the nail in the tip. While the second longest was 4.1cm. hehe. 2 pictures below will remain as my memoir. Let's see when will I start keeping again. XD

Image 1: Under the sun.
Image 2: Final respect.

*p/s: All of the images above were taken with my Nokia N82.

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