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April 02, 2010

Blackout = Earth Hour?

Some of you may know that I’ve missed the Earth Hour for this year, because I was busy cleaning the dusts inside my DSLR's sensor until forgotten about Earth Hour. Not only that, my "mission" to capture ****** was failed either.

Anyway, just now around 6:30pm, while I was taking some fresh air outside the house compartment, suddenly, I saw everyone came out from their house and I was wondering why. Ahhem, they wanna see me? Hehe perasan. Then, my aunt told me it was blackout. Straight to my point. Oh gosh, thanks to this blackout, I’ve replaced my Earth Hour, LOL! And again, thanks to this blackout, I’ve finally got the chance to capture some ******

Image 1: My 1st attempt.
Image 2: My final attempt.

Yeah, the "mission" to capture 'light trail' was finally "accomplished"!!! To me, my 1st attempt was successful, except the TV, it was distracting. As for my final attempt, I was about to enjoy writing my nickname but the damn lights came back alive, so you may notice there were some glares in the picture, urgh. However, in between my 1st attempt and final attempt, I spammed about 4 sets of failed pictures. Wanna see? Not a chance. =P

Uh, the blackout was nearly 40 minutes, guess I need another 20 minutes of replacement for Earth Hour? Duh, I don’t care, it was so freaking hot!


  1. I did this during Earth Hour! But I used a candle and I ended scraping the wax off the floor afterwards.

  2. i tried before..
    actually i do not know the correct i play around with the setting
    somehow i managed to get such images..
    guess what my light source..
    the MOON..haha

  3. Hahaha. Earth hour is really fun leh!

  4. i facebook during earth hour ... close light during working hour and go sleep... so i help to save more electric and also contribute to the earth haha xD~

  5. so intersting ur earth hour la..wakaka

  6. LoL. Nvm, i dont understand. I don't have dslr >.<

  7. creative leh by writing EZY ....
    but I dono how to do tht ... T.T

  8.'d u do that.... ^_^