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April 26, 2010

autoCAD Assignment has killed Me

**This post is somehow related with 1 of my old post, which is 'Orthographic that can kill me'.**

Finally, I'm done with...... Gosh, cracked my head for 36 hours specially for my autoCAD assignment, Engineering Graphic 232. As for now, I'm gasping for air!

I dare to admit that I'm noob in drawings, so what about autoCAD? Our tasks were simple, 4 objects in 3D and dimensions were given, what we need to do? Again, we were required to draw out the orthographic projections, sections and auxiliary views etc etc.

->Because of this assignment, I've to sacrifice my lovely weekend to date blog.
->Because of this assignment, I've to sleep at my friends' hostel in campus for 3 nights, so I don't have to go and come back everyday and can sleep later.
->Because of this assignment, I've to make a nest in the computer lab, as I lazy wanna find autoCAD 2010 for 64-bit for my lappy. All I got is for 32-bit.
->Because of this assignment, I've to sleep at 2am everyday.
->Because of this assignment, I've to bla blah blahhh...

Cut the crap. Generally, the given dimensions in the drawings were sucks! They were sooooo confusing, goddamnit. Oh, I forgot to mention, my drawing can be sucks, but at least I'm good with imagining. Here's 1 sample question and my output. =D

Figure 1: Given drawing.
Figure 2: My output.

I've no idea whether I did it correctly or not. Oh well, I don't really care about it already as the submission date is tomorrow, 27/4/2010, I've put too much effort on it until I wasted 1 day to study my Fluid Mechanics 230, last paper (mid-term) this Friday.

Uh, look at the first place, blame myself for not starting the assignment earlier. But, not I want though, too many mid-terms in between. Ah well, after the upcoming mid-term, there is still 1 more assignment to submit on next Monday, Engineering Mathematics 233! Then, I can "rest in peace" for few days till the time I need to work on my upcoming...... 2 individual reports! fark~ I need an easier life!

Opps, I've forgotten that, I GOT 1 MORE ASSIGNMENT FOR THIS Engineering Graphics 232, that will be the final assignment which carries the heaviest mark!!!!! When can i see the questions?! 1 thing good about this unit, it has no final exam, LOL!


  1. AutoCAD is pretty easy to use... but quite hard to imagine and draw it out... T_T

    I had drawn this for my project... damn ugly i tell u... xD

    Check it out! My AutoCAD version 2009 Project drawing...

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