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April 12, 2010

5 lives, saved by me!

Last night, while I was busy typing, I sniff and sniffed, is that the smell of gas? And so, my 'little angel' persuaded me to go and check the kitchen. Yes, one of the stoves was not off! Immediately, without second thought, I switched the kitchen chimney on, turned the knob on stove off and opened the door widely. By the way, don't ask me why I did not open the windows. Reason, the windows are sliding windows, I afraid the windows will ignite, spark?

Come to think of it, I saw my uncle, who was drunk, went to kitchen to have supper. Yes, I heard that he turned the gas on, to heat the foods up, it was around 10:20pm. After supper, he went to bed. The moment I sniffed gas, it was already around 11:30pm.

Later, I told my cousin that the gas was not off. At that moment, he was relaxing and watching TV. He answered: "no wonder I smelled something." Well, I don’t blame him for not checking the kitchen, in fact, I thanked him for not smoking in the house! Or else...

This morning, I told my aunt about this incident, she told me the same thing. She smelled something, but, she could not wake herself up, yet, she was suffocating. Gosh.

5 lives, who are my uncle, my aunt, my cousin, my cousin’s son and I, were saved by me. I blame nobody, yet I'm glad that I'm still surviving.


  1. ezy is a hero~, glad that ur ok dude

  2. Common sense+curiosity saves the day^^ good job ez...

  3. well done mate. quick thinking avoided you from becoming a human bbq.

  4. what a relief.....good job bro....

  5. great job~ u're like a hero in the family now. hahah

  6. So, who is your little angle?