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April 11, 2010

2 weeks, gone?

Oh gosh, I'm repeating this over and over again. TIME DO REALLY FLIES! My 2 weeks of break have just gone, flew like a dust, carried by a wind?

Let me think, what did I bili bala bili bala for the past 2 weeks... Eat, sleep, chat, camwhore photoshooting, Defense of the Ancient and...... Facebook,,, Twitter, Blogger, Google, Yahoo,, Life is easy like Ezy, last but not least INNIT! Enjoyed the moments though.

Let me think, what did I revised for the past 2 weeks... Fluid Mechanics 230, Engineering Graphics 232, Engineering Mathematics 233, Machine Dynamics 231 & Strength of Materials 232 Nill?! OMG! I'm soooooo gonna suffer 8 weeks of lectures and tutorials starting from April 12th. Ok, someone kill me please.


  1. High5

    At least its your break its my final exam period and i still do what you do. fml right?

  2. 14 weeks and i dunno what i've studies.. assignment due on 26 and i've not started.. exam 2 weeks after that.. revised NOTHING... so we are practically on the same boat..

  3. I only left one week to my Final. I'm procrastinating as well.

  4. yeah.. time passed by very fast =)