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March 31, 2010

Pizza Hut: Chunky Loaded Pizza

My aunt, Aunty Shirley (my mum's 2nd eldest sister), is a fan of Pizza Hut. Each time Pizza Hut release a new menu, especially spaghetti pizza, she will definitely drag me along to give it a try. So, she has been waiting for the right time to bring me to try the all new 'Chunky Loaded Pizza', which it claimed to contain 10 layers of different ingredients clamped together.

Well, we ordered 'Chunky Loaded 1', which is for 2 people and the topping we tried was chicken. Now, I will straight to my points, the 'Chunky Loaded Pizza' was kind of disappointing. We expected it to be nicer, tastier, thicker and juicier, yet, it wasn’t. This situation reminded me of KFC's Shrimp Stix, in the picture shown it was as big as a drum stick, but what we get was as small as our pinky finger. Just look at the pictures I’ve taken of the 'Chunky Loaded Pizza', I guess they over-baked?

Image: Chunky loaded pizza.

In Pizza Hut, I observed the tables around me, all ordered 'Chunky Loaded Pizza' and all were over-baked. What a shame. Jeez, something wrong with their ovens' settings? Guess the original flavours are simply the best after all!

*p/s: I rated this as 6/10.


  1. HaHaHaHa.. Its the same where ever pizza hut u go..
    Their idea of a perfect pizza is the burnt one.. :P
    U should see their chunky loaded delivery..
    End up looking like a total piece of crap.. Haish..
    Thats why we (my friend n I) prefer Dominos. :D
    At least you get your money worth.. XD

  2. LOL sometimes the pizza the workers make are kinda failed max. I once get a pizza which is not completely baked. can feel the dough thingy though.

    by the way, i wanna try the new flavour. It looks kinda nice!

  3. dun be cheated by illustration XD there always have a small tiny line saying "Just for illustration purposes" at their poster/banners/flyers XD