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March 28, 2010

I've forgotten Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour 2010 was held from 8:30pm till 9:30pm local time, on March 27. My actual plan was to support it, at the mean time, I wanna try playing with light trail pictures. However, I’ve totally forgotten about Earth Hour! My "excuse", I was busy cleaning the dusts inside my camera’s sensor. Oh no, I’m so sorry mother Earth.

Anyway, I’ve finally found a dust blower in Miri, in a local hardware and supermarket store, namely 'Ng Sian Hap Trading'. I’ve tried to find any unknown brand dust blower in eMart and Bintang Plaza (including Parkson), yet I get nothing. In the end, my mind came across of that hardware store, and bingo, I’ve found it! Well, in my opinion, ‘Ng Sian Hap Trading’ stand a chance to challenge with the well known ‘ACE Hardware’ in Malaysia. What you need, what you want, just name it.

Image: Cap ayam dust blower.

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