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March 31, 2010

HWM (March 2010 Issue)

Finally, I've managed to get a copy of HWM for March 2010 issue, last copy in Miri perhaps? Guess how much it costed me. RM12? Nah, don’t forget I’m in East Malaysia right now. RM14? As stated in the cover page? Nah, I’ve no idea why I got it for RM17, lame. I bought it in a local magazine store in Bintang Plaza, instead of getting it from Popular bookstore. Reason, I’m too late, the entire HWM magazines have been bought by a customer! And why on Earth that the particular customer needs so many copy of it?! Perhaps he bought RM14 for each copy then sells RM17 to people like me, goddamnit curse him!

Anyway, the freebies for this issue are cool! 1 booklet of ‘Digital Living’, 1 booklet of Sony products and a copy of Microsoft Office 2010 CD installer! But too bad, the installer is a Beta version and it’s for 32-bit. Argh, my Windows 7 is 64-bit curse them!

Image 1: Cover page.
Image 2: The freebies.

A good lesson for me, don't ever delay from buying something I desire for!

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