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March 03, 2010

HWM (February 2010 Issue)

I should have posted this long ago, but forgotten. Well, this was the HWM for February issue. Thanks to General_Nic aka Nicholas Gow for helping me get a copy from MPH, as I couldn’t find any in the local bookstores (slowpokes). Well, I’ve found out 2 typos in this issue, 1 is regarding the New Intel Processor, HWM mentioned Core i4 instead of Core i3 while the other 1 is regarding the Canon DSLR, HWM mentioned 500D and 450D, but the picture shown was wrong, 500D and 450D were swapped in the picture. Find out for yourself, I did not bring the magazine along with me to Miri, so I couldn’t type any further details. Jeez, I only read through 1 round, which was still not enough for me! Maybe I can spot more typos? LOL

Image 1: HWM (February 2010 Issue)

Ah, I will be looking forward for March issue and I hope I can get it in Miri. *finger crossed*

*p/s: Picture above was taken with my Nokia N82.

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