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March 22, 2010

Driving with Soul

As the last day of school holidays is on March 21st, it’s time for my cousin-nephew, Junior, to come back to Miri on March 20th. At the mean time, my uncle, Junior’s grandpa, was assigned to attend some courses during the weekend, thus, the only driver was me, instead of both of us.

To Bintulu from Miri:
After having our breakfast, we left Miri at 10:35am. After passed by Bekenu, heavy rain started to fall, as expected, because it was so cloudy on that day. How heavy was it? I don’t know how to describe, but it was so heavy until I need to slow down, from 110km/h to 70km/h, to ensure that I’m on my own lane. I guess the visibility after 100m was near nil, totally can’t see what’s in front as the water splashed on the road surface rapidly. When reaching a T-junction, left turn to Bintulu while right turn to Similajau, the rain subsided. Then, I speeded up to 150km/h and did not dare to go faster since the car belongs to my cousin. Just a little info, the road from Bekenu to the T-junction is very bumpy, but after the T-junction it is smooth. After reached our destination around 1:20pm, I took a short nap.

To Miri from Bintulu:
Around 2:40pm, we left Bintulu and headed back to Miri. Well, nothing much happened here, until I faced…… 6 empty trailers without container in a line in front of me (in between the T-junction and Bekenu). From far, I saw the trailers overtook each other. Then, I tailgated them on the winding roads, at speed of 90km/h, for more than 10 minutes. OMG, it was so scary. Until a straight road, I overtook 3 trailers in 1 shot (my aunt kept warning me to be careful). Then, I tailgated the other 3 for about 5 minutes, until another straight road, I overtook them in 1 shot, again. After overtook those 6 trailers, I was deeply relieved.

Once reached Miri, we stopped by at Bintang Plaza for an early dinner. After lingering around, we headed back and reached home around 7:30pm. Gosh, I was so exhausted. Based on my experiences, this was my 3rd time driving thru and flow from Miri to Buntulu, regardless the trip on March 13th, as I only drove on the journey back to Miri. Overall, this driving trip was simply the best for me.

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