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March 02, 2010

Damn Open Burning

Tuesday, my class starts at 8am. This morning, I woke up not because of my alarm, but because I sniffed something... Awful!!! Guess what it is. It’s errr, smoke, from the open burning by irresponsible people in Miri. Gosh, it was just 6:03am! My alarm was set to 5:55am, but “special thanks” to the “mist” that I did not delay my time, argh!

Smoke? Haze? OMG, whatever it is, it is so damn bloody freaking thick and worst of all, it stink! Curse them!!! Definitely it’s not fogging, from the smell we can know, right? As I opened the front door, I can see those smoke blown by the wind, to the North. OMG OMG, just look at the pictures below, on my way to Curtin, it is so terrible!

Image 1: Can you spot the white moon?
Image 2: The Mini Copper in front was my 2nd cousin's wife, not sure she noticed me or not, haha!

After my lecture ended at 10am, I finally can see the bright sky. I guess the “thing” has blown to… Brunei? By the way, sorry for the low quality pictures, I was driving. Screw these people!

*p/s: All of the images above were taken with my Nokia N82.

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