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March 20, 2010

Create your own Slurpee Video

I saw this ads while I'm blogging around, so, I just wanna help to promote, for fun.

1. Create a video not to exceed two (2) minutes in length but must be at least thirty (30) seconds showing creative and funny moment with Slurpee (there's typo in the web) and write a caption for your video.
2. The mandatory component in the video is Slurpee (any size and any flavor).
3. Log in and upload your video on YouTube™ at Copy the embed code and paste it in the provided field on the Submit Video Page.
4. Contestants are required to register as a member of Slurpee nation on here before they can submit their video as well as to cast any vote for the video featured on the website.
5. If all video specifications are met, the video will be approved by the Organizer (within 24-hours) and uploaded to the website. Any videos that are obscene, disturbing or inappropriate will not be qualified and/or approved.
6. Contestants are permitted to submit multiple videos but uploaded video(s) cannot be deleted and/or removed by Contestants.
7. Tell a friend about this contest & vote for your funniest video before April 25, 2010. Voters are allowed to vote as many videos as they wish but only one online vote is permitted to a single video. Spread the word and watch your video rack up the viewer votes!
Check it out @ HERE. Would like to know the prizes? Click HERE. All the best to all of the participants.

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