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March 11, 2010

Courier Service: Poslaju VS Skynet

As stated above in title, I, hereby would like to compare these 2 national courier service companies which I experienced before, they are the Poslaju and Skynet. For Poslaju, in order for you to receive your item(s) on the next day, you’ll have to ask the shipper to post your item(s) before lunch hour. However, for Skynet, time is not an issue. Believe it or not, you can receive any of your item(s) via Skynet on the following day, regardless the postage time, even thought the item(s) being posted at 7:30pm.

Here’s a proof, I get my item on the following afternoon although the item was posted at 7:30pm. Unlike Poslaju, if you post your item at 3pm for instant, you’ll most likely receive your item 2 days later. Well, for your info, I’m comparing the postages from West Malaysia to East Malaysia.

Image 1: Just look at the time.

Just look at the picture I attached, Skynet is still working at 3am! Well, I haven’t experience the other carrier services such as DHL, so I can’t really say which is the best. Just that, by comparing Poslaju and Skynet, in terms of speed, Skynet pawned Poslaju.


  1. skynet.. suddenly reminds me of the terminator movies =P

  2. I think the outcome of this review is pretty obvious from the start lah. It's like comparing 2 different class of boxers.

  3. Their speed of delivery and customer service skills outweigh other delivery services. They give you a receipt right then and there so no pesky faxing or follow up.

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