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March 09, 2010

Burn the Barbarians

1st thing, I wish that Miri can rain every morning and every evening, with at least 1 hour each time and as heavy as it could. Reason? Simple, just to prevent those ‘barbarians’ to “perform” their open burning “performance”. You know why do I call those irresponsible people ‘barbarians’? Because their attitude really like barbarians. Open burning also can be done in front of Petronas petrol station, imagine if the fire spread to the opposite, oh shit, say bye bye to Miri.

Curse them, I’m coughing like mad for nearly 1 week. Past few days sick like, uh, so hard to get up from bed, suspected virus fever because my joints all pain. Anyhow, I’m cured from the fever except, well ya know, coughing!!!

Jeez these officers in Miri, did they even notice there are smokes every corner around Miri? Or are they just blind enough to close 1 eye to see their own relatives “performing” their “performance”. Now, I feel that I’m so desperate until I wanna shout it out to ‘Karam Singh Walia’ from TV3!

I’m sick of the fire!
I’m sick of the haze!
I’m sick of the smoke!
I’m sick of the barbarians!!!


1 comment:

  1. Miri police station hotline:


    To file your complaint to Jabatan Alam Sekitar

    Action speak louder than words.