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February 08, 2010

New Skin for My Blog

Since the moment this blog was created, the template I've used was 'Daya Earth', for 3 weeks. The reason I used 'Daya Earth' because it's plain and simple. Also, I prefer to use 3 columns template. However, the longer I see this template, the duller it gets.

In the end, I've made up my mind to get a new template. Here it is, the 'Theater Room' template. Gosh, my itchy hands disallowed me to sleep early. Although the template code was provided, still, I've to suffer few hours in editing the HTML codes, just to satisfy my needs. Uh, the moment I editing the HTML codes and the gadgets, I was panic like hell, it doesn't went smoothly. Oh well, tada, I think it's done. Guess what time I went to bed? 4:47am, jeez. Luckily my class begin on 1st March, LOL!

In between 'Daya Earth' template and 'Theater Room' template, I've tried on 'blueglide' template for few minutes. My whole blog became a mess like a scrap paper and I got no choice but to get another new template. Now, I'm partially satisfied with the new template, not 100% satisfied. Know why? Because, the images and background of this template (same goes to 'Daya Earth') were uploaded to Photobucket. My University, Curtin, has blocked this web, just to prevent students to use up the bandwidth. Damn, I wonder how retard my blog would look like without those images and background. Ohya, do drop by a comment if you found out any bugs, thanks.

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