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February 06, 2010

Malacca's biggest shopping complex is finally opened

Aeon Bandaraya Melaka, Malacca's biggest shopping complex is now finally open to public! I've been waiting for this moment since last December, but due to an incident occurred last 14 December, which was the gas explosion, the shopping complex has no choice but to delay the opening ceremony on 17 December. According to the news, the incident had killed 2 people (1 of them is an engineer) and injured 20 people.

I thought that I can pay a visit during the opening ceremony last December, due of the unwanted incident, I don't have the opportunity to see the opening ceremony, I was at Malacca that time! Oh well, as long it opens before I fly back to Miri, I'm satisfied. Next week or next 2 weeks I shall pay a visit! Wait for me! Melaka, Malacca my hometown!

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