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February 06, 2010

Malacca International Airport

Malacca International Airport, previously known as Batu Berendam Airport, was launched and upgraded with modern facilities. I'm not too sure about the details but here's an article for you to read if you wanna know about it - Make Malacca airport soar.

Uh, I just hope that there will be flights from Malacca to Miri or vice versa, so I don't to travel from Miri to KLIA or LCCT then to Malacca, especially when I'm coming back with my aunt. The airport is kinda near to 3 of my aunts' houses, even my elder cousin's house too (the 1 I'm staying with in Miri right now, he will be shifting to Malacca by this year), I think travel within 10 minutes! Just imagine from Taman Bukit Cheng to Batu Berendam? Melaka, Malacca my hometown!

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