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February 16, 2010

Gunung Ledang Waterfall, Johor (16 February 2010)

On the February 15 2010, my uncle just simply asked me whether wanna go to Gunung Ledang waterfall for fun, then I just simply accepted his offer. So, he and his family in 1 car, my mum and I in 1 car (I’m the driver, of course) while the rest of my family members went out for shopping instead. So, we departed from Malacca by 7:40am and the journey merely needs 1 hour to reach there. To get there was easy, from Malacca, we used the old road, since I requested it (I want more driving experiences), we followed the road to Jasin and all the way to Tangkak. Once reached a small town in Tangkak, just simply follow the sign to Gunung Ledang Resort, I bet you’ll reach there in no time.

Wow, I never expected that we have to pay the entrance fees. This is how they charge, RM2 per vehicle and RM1 for each adult while RM0.50 for each child. Then, you will be allowed to enter the parking zone. Since this is my 1st time, thus, I walked as fast as I could to reach to the peak of the waterfall. Anyway, all of my family members set a place in the middle part of the waterfall, before reaching the peak. At the mean time, I continued my “journey” to the peak for some photo shooting. Well, here are some pictures I would like to share.

Image 1: Water.
Image 2: Part of the waterfall.
Image 3: Highest part of the waterfall.
Image 4: The danger zone.

As the sun gets higher, the more people set their foot in the water. Vehicles were everywhere to look for parking. So, we head back to Malacca at 1pm.

The entire album is available @ HERE, in my facebook.

*p/s: All of the images were taken with my dad’s Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7. Sorry for not shooting properly, forgotten to charge the battery.

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