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February 07, 2010

Facebook | New Layout (February 2010)

There will be a major update on facebook's new layout from February 2010 onwards. Many users will slowly experience the new layout and I'm of the early "victim". Read the following changes, I've copied partially of it.

What's changed?
The goal for these changes is to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s your notifications, friend requests, personal messages, or applications.

Top navigation: We've simplified the top navigation menu by removing redundancies and centralizing all notifications in the top left hand corner. For example, instead of having separate settings and logout links, we’ve moved them under a new Account menu.

Left-hand navigation: Applications were moved from the bottom toolbar to the left hand side menu of the home page to consolidate and simplify navigation on the site and make applications more accessible.

Dashboards: To make it easier for people to interact with their favorite applications and discover new ones, we’ve introduced the Application Dashboard and Games Dashboard, which you can find in the updated left hand menu.

Facebook Search: Search has moved to the center of the top navigation menu from the right-hand corner. Search has always been an important part of Facebook, enabling you to easily find and connect with the people and things you care about on Facebook.

Visit the guide to the new home page for more detail.

Basically, I'm upset with the new facebook's layout, not because it's ugly or what, it's because of the changes that been made. Especially, the applications menu bar, which was on bottom left previously, has been removed. I cannot access to the applications easily! Furthermore, the notifications were moved to the top right side (previously was bottom right permanently), it's so unnoticeable, since it's not permanently on top.

To overcome the applications issue, I've no choice but to use back the laggy Mozilla Firefox, to customize my own shortcut button for the applications. As for the notifications issue, I've no choice but to maintain the page from top. I just hope that facebook can set back their old layout, whereby the applications menu bar and the notifications were permanently on the bottom, it can make my life easier.

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