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February 05, 2010

Blogging is Boring?

Is blogging really that boring for youngsters? I was surfing around The Star and I've found something interesting, for me at least. Spare some time to read 'Blogging becoming a slog' by Martha Irvine from The Star.

Well, what I can conclude is that I strongly agree with that article. More and more youngsters are neglecting their blogs and migrated their time on facebook or so. By comparing facebook and blogging for instant, I dare to admit that I spend more time on facebook, because of the addictive applications? No offence! Yet, blogging and facebook are totally different. From my point of view, blogging individually may be boring, however, it's fun to share your thoughts around the world. I'll always smile whenever I noticed that there's a visitor from other country. So youngsters, say yes to blog for a long term and, ohya, don't be lazy to update your blog frequently. Cheers ;)

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