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February 12, 2010

1 Night @ Genting Highlands

Before you start reading this post, I'll advise you to take a deep deep deep very deep extremely super duper deep breathe, or else you'll regret. Don't ask why, just do it. Okay, here we go. Nicholas Gow got a voucher from his aunt to overnight in First World Hotel for a night for FREE, however, his family members don't feel like going, thus, Nicholas Gow, Alvin Chiew and I planned not to waste the voucher, and hence, we planned to use the opportunity to enjoy ourselves while I'm still around in Kuala Lumpur.

So we decided to overnight on the 10th of February as the earlier dates were fully booked! Guess what, naughty Alvin has no choice but to skip his class on Wednesday, just for this trip! And jeez, this Alvin, got the same voucher to overnight in First World Hotel for FREE but he told us at the very last minute, 4 pieces of the same vouchers some more! Boys and girls, for your info if you didn't realise, 1 voucher is valid for 1 night, imagine 4 vouchers, 4 nights!!! Argh Alvin! Anyway, 1 free night is better than nothing, right?

Ohya, Genting Highlands, located in between Pahang and Selangor, is actually just right behind my house, to get there by driving (I always wanted to, since I got my driving license), it only takes about 40 minutes to reach to the peak. As our parents disagree us to get there by car, so we planned to get there by public transports. We took a bus from Terminal Putra to Genting half peak, and we transited to Genting Skyway to get to the top peak within 11 minutes. Anyhow, there's an advantage for us by taking the bus & Skyways, we at least experienced the public transports to Genting Highlands, especially the Skyways, instead of always following our parents to Genting with cars!

Ok, stop! Relax yourself and continue reading once you're done.

So, what you gonna read about is our tight schedule for 1st day, as below.

###Day 1###
0725 - Reached Terminal Putra, Gombak.
0755 - Bus to Genting arrived and so we get in.
0803 - Journey to Genting Highlands began.
0839 - Reached half peak & rushed to the Genting Skyway immediately.
0905 - Reached Genting Highlands.
0925 - Check-in First World Hotel.
0935 - Entered our room, Level 25 Room 820 (Non-smoking zone).
1000 - Leaved room to find out the Theme parks.
1055 - Bought tickets for All Parks (Indoor & Outdoor Theme Parks).
1100 - Our craziness began all the way until......
1430 - Had our lunch @ Hou Mei & continue our craziness until......
2000 - Had our dinner @ Flavours & continue our craziness until......
2355 - Dizzy + pain + exhausted + high = the end of our craziness.
0000 - Walked around to get some fresh cold air.

Basically, we rode most of the ride for both Indoor and Outdoor Theme Parks, except those kiddies rides. Here's the list of the rides that we rode with our ride counts.

Outdoor Theme Park:
(a) Flying Coaster: 1 round for Alvin & I which Nicholas surrendered.
(b) Tea Cup: 1 crazy round for all 3 of us.
(c) Sungai Rejang Flume Ride: 1 soak round for all 3 of us.
(d) Rolling Thunder Mine Train: 2 rounds for Nicholas but 3 rounds for Alvin & I.
(e) Pirate Ship: 1 stress ride for all 3 of us.
(f) Spinner: 2 dizzy rides for all 3 of us.
(g) Grand Prix Fun Kart: 1 fun round for all 3 of us.
(h) Flying Dragon: 1 slow ride for all 3 of us.
(i) Antique Car: 1 slow and steady round for all 3 of us.
(j) Space Shot: 2 craziest outdoor ride for all 3 of us!!!

Indoor Theme Park:
(a) Rio Float: 1 rest ride for all 3 of us.
(b) Euro Express: lost count, but at least 7 fun rides for all 3 of us.
(c) Adult Bumper Cars: 21 times of the craziest indoor rides!!!

Sooooo unfortunate, 2 of the outdoor coaster rides were closed for maintenance, which were the 'Cyclone' and the 'Corkscrew'. Argh, we missed 'Corkscrew', which is the only double loop roller coaster in Malaysia!!! And again, sooooo unfortunate, I'm so gonna curse the person in charge of the 'Bumper Boat'. Why? Because he disallowed me to ride it. Why? Because the weight limit for the ride is 75kg. Guess my weight...... 75kg sharp! But why can't I ride it?! Jeez, screw that fake weight scale, I never reached my weight up to 75kg before, my highest record was only 74kg, last week was 73kg, duh! YISH!!! Darn it!!!

But still, we had a lot of fun for the 1st day, we started playing since 11am all the way until 11:55pm! That was nearly 13 hours including some breaks! The reason we played on the 1st day was simple, the Outdoor Theme Park will be closed at 7pm on normal days while 8pm on peak days, while the Indoor Theme Park will be closed on 12am for normal days while 1am for peak days. Thus, we purchased the All Park tickets for the 1st day instead of 2nd day. Uh, we were just crazy enough to ride the 'Adult Bumper Cars' for 21 times, until it closed at 11:55pm!

Ok, what you've read from the above was just only the 1st day, below was our 2nd day, continuing from the 1st day of course.

###Day 2###
0105 - Back to our room & taken our shower + some supper.
0255 - Played UNO for fun (Nicholas won 1 match, Alvin won 2 matches & I won 3 matches)!
0315 - Went to bed and slept, extremely exhausted!
0900 - 1 by 1 woke up to get ready to check-out.
1130 - Leaved our room & check-out.
1135 - Explore around Genting and spam some pictures.
1430 - Had our lunch @ Marry Brown & continue spamming pictures.
1745 - Started to queue to ride Awana Skyway (Genting Skyway had some technical errors).
1900 - Reached bus waiting point @ Genting Skyway.
1910 - Bus to Terminal Putra had reached & we entered immediately.
1915 - Started to leave Genting.
1950 - Reached Terminal Putra & waited for Nicholas' dad.
2000 - Reached home!

Luckily we were smart enough to enjoy the rides on the 1st day, the Genting Skyway was closed down due to some technical errors. Passengers who bought the tickets for Genting Skyway were asked to ride the Awana Skyway, with no extra surcharge nor claim. Wow, it was a long long queue. You guys got to know the differences between Genting and Awana Skyways, 2 of them are totally different cable cars. To find out more about the theme parks and others, kindly visit Genting's main webpage @

Anyway, here's a picture I would like to share, which I think it's worth sharing compared to the other pictures, click HERE to view the full album in facebook.

Image: First World Hotel at night.

*p/s: The image above was taken with my Nokia N82. I've spent 3 hours by typing this post.


  1. If not for your nibbling on the tidbits sounds me and nic wouldn't be awake that early!!!

  2. ezy dah chubby! 75 kg ngam ngam also cannot masuk.. kesian XD