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January 24, 2010

Solving 1-colour Mastermorphix

I bought this pillowed mastermorphix (1 colour version) in Miri, Sarawak last few months, I can't remember when but it costed me RM14 in a local toy shop. I've been twisting it for months, and this is what I can get so far, most of the time.

Image 1: 2 pieces remaining.
Image 2: 2 pieces remaining.
Image 3: 3 pieces remaining.

Sometimes, I may even left 2 pieces for the middle part (no picture taken). Guess I can't twist my head like a mastermorphix. Anyway, here's a video as a guide on how to solve 1 colour mastermorphix. I'm forcing myself not to follow the guide yet, until the day I give up twisting my head. You should get 1 if you have not try on it yet, it's kinda twisting! =)

*p/s: All of the images above were taken with my Nokia N82.

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