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January 28, 2010

My New Nike AIR Basketball Shoes

Finally, after looking desperately for more than a week, I got my new basketball shoes @ Sunway Pyramid! Like I mentioned earlier (if you got read my previous post), let me copy and paste and change a bit. "I've searched Times Square, Mid Valley, few Jaya Jusco(s), but I don't see any design that caught my eyes. I've been to Pavilion, finally felt in love on 1 pair of Nike AIR, yet so unfortunate, left size 8, which was not my size! On 25th Jan, searched whole 1 Utama and The Curve, it disappointed me! I found nothing that similar to the 1 I saw in Pavilion!"

So now, tada, it's the Nike AIR basketball shoes that I saw in Pavilion and it costed me RM329 nett. I bought it with one simple reason, just to replace my 5 years old faulty Tim Duncan adidas basketball shoes, which costed me RM320 after 20% discount, I love that shoes so much and I'm not gonna dump it away! Uh, I also love my new 1! I'm gonna take a good care of it!

Image 1: Back view.
Image 2: Front view.
Image 3: Overall view.

*p/s: All of the images above were taken with my Nokia N82.

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