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January 21, 2010

Kingston Limited Edition - Tiger Drive

cLook what I got today at Low Yat Plaza, it's a limited edition Kingston so known as the Tiger Drive for year 2010. I bought it for RM35 for 4Gb at ThunderMatch, the cheapest I saw was RM34 for 4Gb but then I don't really trust that shop. I missed the Mouse Drive and the Pig Drive for the last 2 years, but last year I manage to get 1 the Ox Drive. I'm not gonna miss the following Zodiac Drives! Uh, I just love the tiger stripes at the back part of the pendrive.

Image 1: Kingston Tiger Drive
Image 2: Back view of the Tiger Drive.

*p/s: Both images were taken with my Nokia N82.


  1. Which shop that you went to bought it?

  2. Many shops are selling that 'Tiger Drive', I bought at ThunderMatch, highest floor. The only different is the price of course. Not worth buying if you're looking for a compact thumbdrive.

  3. so cool!
    and whrs my blog link aarhhhh >.<