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January 20, 2010

Film era: SLR

Look what I've found, my mum's old SLR which was a gift from her brother as a present. According to my mum, she started using it since 1982, when she was still in the school of nursing until, erm, I'm not too sure about it. Film film film!

Well, the body is Vivitar v335, the lense is Cosina 50mm and with a flash of Vitacon 918. It has shutter speed ranged from 1 to 2000 and ASA/ISO up to 1600. Uh too bad, the SLR seems not working already, the trigger will not go back to its original position when it being released, perhaps servicing is the only solution here, tomorrow might check about it. The only thing is, we have to keep buying film instead of using memory cards. But still, it should be fun to play manual photoshooting instead of everything fully auto nowadays. I might try it out someday! Let the film era reborn!

Image 1: Body Vivitar v335, Cosina 50mm lense and flash Vitacon 918.

Image 2: Body Vivitar v335 with Cosina 50mm lense.

*p/s: Both images were taken with my Nokia N82.

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